Weekend Reading – Engagement Ring, Books For Middle Schooler, Bank Tactics, Four-minute Portfolio

This weekend reading edition shares my top post that I've read last week.Hope everybody had a great week. Here’s the weekend reading for the weekend starting March 25.

This week I’ve wrote a post that helped to beat my all time page view in a day. If you’ve not see it here’s the How I plan for financial independence!

Chris wife from KeepThrifty sold her engagement ring after 7 years of marriage.

NotoriousDebt explains why blogging is a terrible side hustle.

Mama Fish Saves propose 5 Great Money Books for Your Middle Schooler

Boomer & Echo explains why his Four-Minute Portfolio Is Tough To Beat.

Do you know what to do when you are dealing with bank sales tactics ? Million Dollar Journey explains how to deal with these aggressive sales tactics

These are the posts that I had the time to read and think you should too.  Have a nice weekend.

Readers: Did I missed a great post?

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How I plan for financial independence!

Ar you planning for Financial Independence? Here's how I am planning for it after a chat with my that about money and financial independenceDo you have an idea for how long you are willing to work before retiring? Are you willing to sell your time for money for most of your life?  Have you thought when you will reach financial independence? This topic came up last week when I was having a chat with my dad. I admitted to my old man that I enjoy my job but it is stressful and I deal with a lot of traffic during my commute. I can’t see myself doing this for another 40 years before being able to slow my life down enough to spend time with my family.

Because of my stressful career, I’m not able to focus on hobbies that I enjoy. These are mainly blogging and tinkering with small electronic projects. There just isn’t enough time to wind down, relax, spend time with my family, and enjoy my hobbies. My dad, now in his early fifties, completely agreed, saying that he doesn’t want to work for another fifteen years either. He’s actively trying to bank money to retire early so that he can quit his job might work better here and focus on the projects that he enjoys doing.

Are you planning to slow down before 65?

In my opinion, we live in a world that moves too fast. We work hard, constantly on the go, and so we should be retiring earlier than the member(s) of previous generations. Where I’m from, most of those people had industrial jobs. There were no emails or cell phones. They got up every morning, did their job, and went home. There was a limited amount of worrying about work. You punched the clock and checked your work issues at the door and went home to relax with your family. Those days are long gone. With modern technological advancements, your employer can and does contact you after you’ve left work for the day. Emails, text messages, phone calls. There are half a dozen ways for your boss to contact you and make you feel obligated to reply or answer immediately. I want and need that after work relaxation. I don’t want to talk to my boss during dinner. And you know what? I shouldn’t have to.

I work in IT tech. Everything that I do while at work has to be done quickly and I’m constantly having to update my skillset and even retrain myself on a monthly basis. I enjoy learning new things but eventually, I’m going to reach the age where I’m going to be overwhelmed to the point where I won’t be able to maintain my current speed of learning and training. On top of that, my pension plan frequently changes. As of the last negotiation, I need to work until 58 before retiring. It’s four more years than what I was supposed to work. I feel like the constant changes to my pension make for an unstable retirement plan. I want and need stability. This is why I’m investing. My goal is to invest to the point where a substantial part of my income is coming from dividends. I want to wake up in the morning and be there for my kid as opposed to worrying about packing a lunch, getting dressed, and dealing with an hour commute.

Here’s is my investment plan for financial independence!

I’m looking to put 50% in ZSP, 25% ZDV, 15% FIE and 10% ZRE. I’m looking to invest 10% of my money into a non-North American ETF but still doing some research. This will bring FIE and ZDV down by 5% each. This is for my core long-term investment plan.

Buying and selling stocks is addicting and a portion of my portfolio will continue to have stocks in it. Sure, it’s pretty much the same as buying a weekly lotto ticket, but I have intentionally allocated some cash into a “fun stock money” section of my portfolio. I personally do not recommend this idea and in my mind, most of it has been written off as a loss. Buying risky stocks is part of the fun of investing and I know that if I don’t allow myself at least a little bit of fun, I’ll never stick to my ETF plan.

Why buying ETF?

Also, since my ETF are free to buy, I can buy regularly without my profits being eaten by the fees. Personally, I feel safer in long term with them. These investments are my plan to generate monthly revenue. Working is exchanging your time for money and my investment will give me money without having to exchange my time for the same money. This is the best way I could see to slow down a bit and make my choice base on my wants and not my money needs.

In the end, my hope is that these investments will bring me to financial independence and I can start making decisions based on what I want to do with my life and how I want to live it. I can live off of $3000 a month after tax. Once I’m able to live the way I want, I would like to travel, focus on writing for my blog, and maybe even starting my own business.

Readers: Are you looking for a path to financial independence?

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Weekend Reading – Power of Compound, Buying a House, Snowball

The best articles I've seen this week.Finally, it’s the weekend reading edition for the third weekend of march.

Last week, I didn’t do an edition of the weekend reading post since I was too sick to read the week post. This week I’ve posted one article about how to make an investment policy.

Finance for geek has explained why you should Never Underestimate The Power of Compound Interest.

Desirae from halfbanked explains five things to do before buying a house. If you are buying your 1st house, I recommend that you go read it.

Cody from Dollar Habits wrote a guest post on thinksaveretire talking about his fear to work ’til retirement.

I’ve seen a new personal finance blog this week and it’s Matt blog Lacking Cent.

Chief mom posted two great posts this week. One is about to snowball your way to millions with the latte factor and how to use your bonus to arise to break the golden handcuffs.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Readers: Have I missed a great article this week?

How to write an Investment Policy

Learn how to write a great investment policy to take care of all your investment requirement.

When you are investing, you should always have an investment policy to respect. This will help you to make the wisest financial decisions for yourself while keeping you from making potentially costly impulse investments.

Why an investment policy?

Every decision you will make will be made with something you’ve written and this will help you to make a decision without emotion. We all know that emotion is the enemy of good investment and since we are human, emotion is difficult to take out of the equation. Your investment policy will ensure that you choose the right stock or investment vehicle.

What should be included in your investment policy?

Your investment policy should define:

  • How much money you will add to your account and when will you add it
  • Your allocation
  • when will you rebalance your account
  • Buying criteria
  • Selling criteria

You can personalize your investment policy to represent you. Imagine this policy as a contract with a financial manager who will use it to base his investment decisions on your behalf. Be clear and precise.

How much money will you add to your account and when will you add it

This section should explain when you will add money to your investment and how much money. I would recommend that you set automatic percentage savings from your paycheck and you should schedule it every paycheck. That way you will pay yourself first.

Your allocation

Your allocation will describe in what percentage you will invest in a specific market sector or geographical market. It could be 10% bonds, 25% Canada, 25% US, 10% REITS, 20% international market, 10% cash. This is only an example and this must represent your risk tolerance and your situation.

When will you rebalance your account

In this section, you will describe when you will rebalance your investment account. You can do it every month, year, or every time you add some cash.  This will prevent you from rebalancing every time the market moves from your allocation. From one scheduled rebalance to the next, it’s normal for there to be some market fluctuation.

Buying criteria

This should define a stock, EFT, funds that have to be bought by you. It can be a sector, a price drop, a low MER, etc. You can define this however you want.

Selling criteria

In this section, you can describe when you will sell your investment. For example, if the value is up by 10%. You can also add some criteria like that you need to hold it for at least 1 years or more. You can also add other rules for yourself, such as a time limit. One year, retirement, etc…

Finally, it’s easy to write an investment policy but the must important thing is that it represents your vision of what you want for your investment. It’s really important to remove emotion out of your investment equation since the market will not have any emotion for you.

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My February 2017 Blog Report

This blog report contain all the info of my February month

This is a new thing for me, I’m now doing a monthly blog report. I will report some of my statistics and if it happens the money I’ve made from the blog. I think transparency is a cool thing to have forward my readers. This way other bloggers can learn more about what worked for me.



Here’s is the important part of this report the numbers. Next month you will get if the number increased or decreased.

Page Views:


This month was one of the best months since I’ve started my blog. I started to be active at the end of January so I find this number amazing. I would like to get 1000 views next month.


Referral :


I’m happy with this number since I’ve been included in a Weekend Reading edition from a blogger that I read and respect.

Direct :




3 came from Pinterest

129 from twitter

1 from facebook

I’m pretty happy with these number since I have used a lot twitter last month and just started using Pinterest in the last days of the months.

Twitter Followers:


Last month, I’ve spent a lot of time on twitter. I was tweeting with other blogger and I’ve also setup buffer to schedule some of my tweets. I gain about 1 to 2 new follower every day.

Pinterest Followers: 


This month I’ve started to use Pinterest after reading that some blogger gets most of their traffic from it.

Money made: I’ve made a 0.18$ from the AdSense advertising. It small but I guess it’s a start. On the long term, I would like to optimize and make a little bit more money to at least cover my hosting fee.

Most popular post:
The most popular post I’ve got is the Some of my thoughts about budgeting! post. This post got 67 views and was followed by the Weekend reading – Drip, Missteps, Continuous investment, Snowball with 58 views. This Weekend reading edition got couples retweet that helped to get more views.

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Weekend Reading – Build Dividend Portfolio, $50 Day Strategy, Monthly Report

This is again an end a week so here’s the first weekend reading edition of march.

I’ve only posted a post this week but I have couple draft that I need to complete and edit them. I’ve tried to up my Pinterest game this week so you can follow me here. I’ve posted my net worth for February.

Here’s what I want to share with you for this weekend :

Million dollar journey explained How to Build a Dividend Growth Portfolio

Millennial Money wrote about the $50 A Day Early Retirement Strategy

Ryan from Millennial Legacy reviewed is second blogging month

Millennial Money Man have a new nice looking design for his blog.

I love to read about other bloggers monthly report. So here’s a couple one:

Readers: what are your plan for next week?

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Net Worth Feb 2017 Update : $14,182.08 (-$2,674.45 -15.87%)

Net Worth Update for the month February 2017

Assets Jan-17 Feb-17 Monthly Change
Checking $1,124.48 $1,500.59 33.45%
Saving $8.35 $8.35 0.00%
TSFA Investment $590.00 $637.90 8.12%
RRSP Investment $0.00 $0.00 0.00%
House $215,000.00 $215,000.00 0.00%
Car $15,000.00 $12,547.00 -16.35%
Mortgage $202,819.97 $202,308.25 -0.25%
Car loan at 0% $11,671.36 $11,342.71 -2.82%
Credit Card $374.97 $1,860.80 396.25%
NET WORTH $16,856.53 $14,182.08 -15.87%

This is one of the worst month since I’ve started following my net worth. February is a small month but that should not explain the huge drop I had.

One thing your can notice is that my car value dropped a lot. I’ve started to track my car value with the Canadian black book so that’s why it dropped so much in my car value.


This month was short and I’ve got 4 pay and I’ve also taken two sick days which were paid full last January.  These days were to take care of my baby so it was not really some fun day. This have lower my income to 2 819$. Which is 1000$ less than my average income.


This month was a big month for my expense since we had 600$ in municipal max and 219$ car plate to pay. Also, my internet and tv bill increased but I’ve called and renewed the retention rebate near the automatic payment so I should get a credit on my next bill. Next step, I will cut the tv. In total, I’ve spent 3 831$. This is my average spending.


This month I’ve saved some money to my investment account. I’ve saved a total of 40$ which is included in my total spending. I’ve saved 1.41% of my income which is way less than my goal of 5%, but it’s a start.

Next month, I’m looking to increase my saving to at least 3% and my net worth should go up since I will get back 1500$ from my 2016 tax and it’s a 5 weeks month so I will be paid 5 times.

Readers: How was your February month?

Weekend Reading – Lunch hour, Life Dividends, Patience

Another weekend that starts so here’s this weekend readings.

This week, my only post explain why I’m blogging.

Dividend Diplomats wrote about on how Making the Most of Your “Lunch Hour” Each and Every Day

It Pays Dividends wrote about a different kind of dividend the Life Dividends

My Compounding Money Strategy  is the the strategy use by More Dividends

Briget Casey wrote about Taking Charge of Your Investment Portfolio

My Own Advisor wrote an interesting post about Compare your household expenses here using stats from Statcan

A guest post on Distilled Dollar talk about How to Teach Yourself Patience as a New Investor

Have a nice weekend everybody.

This is why I’m blogging!

Some of the reason why I've started blogging and some of them will maybe make you start your own blog.Why I’m blogging? This is one of the questions I’ve asked myself a couple time in the last year of the blog and when I’ve restarted blogging in the end of February 2017.

At First, in 2016, I was looking to make a lot of money fast from working from home on the blog and I was looking at my stats every hour. I thought that would be easy and would bring a lot of money without working. That was a mistake and when I saw that, I stopped blogging in July 2016 and I was so demotivated. Now that I’m back blogging, there’s some reason why I’m starting again.

1. Learning to write

I’m more looking to write articles that I want to share with my readers and I want to learn to write better in the Shakespeare language. I’m a french Canadian so writing in English is kind of difficult since it’s a second language, but it’s an important one. I wish I had practiced it more when I was at school. I can write it but oh my-my I couldn’t do a podcast in English or speaking at an event. The writing part becomes easier the more I practice. Do I write a post in 15 minutes? No, I need a lot of writing session and editing session to make it better and make something that I can post online. Are they perfect? No, with the time I guess I will have to read the old one to edit them to make them better. But when I see my stat and get some comment, I’m so happy that someone read that it that motivate me to continue writing, learning and post more.

2. Blogging is sharing

I think everybody should start a blog and share their experience on a subject they like. Since I love personal finance and investing, I started this blog to share some of the things on my minds. I like to try to have my thought and my personal touch on my thing. I see that like a person who talks to a conference. You can see the same topic two times but the person who talks will make the difference. Everybody have something to share that will interest someone else. It can look stupid to you, but someone can love reading what you write with your perspective and hate how someone else wrote the same information or experience. Who knows, you could be the next top blogger!

3. Social

One more reason why I’m running this is that I can’t really talk about my finance with others in real life so I do it anonymously on this blog. People can become jealous or act weird after you talk about your goal, strategies or your finance numbers. I also love reading about other financial blogger and interact with them on their own blog or on twitter. I love learning from these interactions and how they make their choices, investments, goals, etc.

4. Accountable

It makes me accountable for my goal that I’ve posted and how my finance is doing. I want to show the world how I good I am and how good are my finance. I am not that good but it makes you accountable when you share it with others. When you see that you will not achieve your goal by the next update, you try everything you can to try to make it happen instead of letting the goal go and not even care about it. Also, if a goal is not achieved, it’s good to write on why you didn’t accomplish it and it make you realize the error you’ve made.

5. Organize my idea

To write in a blog, your idea needs to be organized in a way that your audience will understand what you wrote. Since your getting your idea out of your head, it helps you to organize them. Most of the time, in my head, I have too much idea to have them organize. Once it’s written, you can see how you can improve them or which one are really bad. I’ve written some idea in a draft and once it was out, I couldn’t even think it was a good one in my head. So I’ve deleted them.

6. I’m getting more confidence

Since I’m a pure introvert like a lot of the tech guy in this world, I find that blogging really helps to build some confidence to get out of this introvert zone. Every post you do is going out to a lot of potential readers and it’s something that I can’t do in real life. In real life, you would need to speak at some event to get the same audience and for this, you need to be extrovert and have some confidence in what you will talk about. Blogging brings the last part of that. It really brings confidence when you see other sharing your post and comment on it.

7. Challenging

Blogging is challenging. It’s easy to start a blog, but if you want to make it growth you need to challenge yourself to write more and write better stuff.  You always need to find new subject, new marketing idea, interact with the community, SEO, etc. You really need to learn a lot of the technical aspect of a website, if you want your blog to growth a lot else you can pay someone to optimize it and coach you. Also, I’ve set some goal for the blog and to accomplish them I need to learn new things and keep posting new content. They are challenging but it’s important to keep the motivation you had when you started your blog. Without challenging goal, I find that blogging start to be boring.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these reason why I’m blogging and maybe it will make you start your own blog and share your own content :-). The more content we have on the internet the more we can learn. why are you blogging?

Bloggers: why are you blogging?

You know that you could easily start a blog too? I’ve made a How to host your own blog post couple months ago and it can help you to start it in couple minutes with low fee. Once, your blog is running, you could also start earning money with your blog with this post.



Weekend Reading – Growing Traffic, Passive Income for FI, Tax Refund

Another weekend is starting, I hope you all had a nice valentine day without too much spending :P.

This week, I only posted one article since I was sick and I was not happy with my second one. So here’s some of my thought about budgeting!

Also, I’ve started back my investment in dividends. I’ve started with 1 share of ZRE since it’s a nice ETF with a monthly dividend.

Here are some of the best articles I’ve read this week:

Also, I want to do a  special congratulation to Matthew for his milestone of Six Figure Portfolio.

Readers: Do you have some awesome plans for this weekend?