Starting this new adventure

Have you ever wish to stop living by paycheck ?

I’ve got this problem too and I want to be able to live and stop worrying about if I have enough money to pay the next bill while waiting on the next paycheck to be in my check account.

So I’ve started to use YNAB to keep a track of every dollar I spend and to live by their 4 rules. This app start to give me an idea of where my money is going.

So I allocate each dollar every month a category to be spend and start to create a buffer to live on the last month paycheck. So by doing that I will stop living paycheck by paycheck. Since this money is budgeted, I will not speed it on for any reason.

Now I also need to start an emergency funds. This emergency funds will be use if we need fast money and we don’t have enough. To start I am aiming of 2 month of money in this funds to be keep at tangerine. So this money is about 4500$. Once my buffer is completed I will get more money in this account to get more than two month of funds.

This is my first post but more will come and i will post regularly my performance toward my goal.