Month in review – May 2015

Hello readers, this is my first month review. I’ve choosed to review everything that have a record date in May.
Dividends from ETF Holdings:
  • VDY will pay 0.13687$ per share on the 03 June 2015. I will receive 1.50557$ from VDY.
  • ZRE will pay 0.088$ per share on the 04 June 2015. I will receive 0.352$ from ZRE.
So I should receive around 1.86$ of dividend for the month of May 2015

Cutting down the bank fee

In the cut the fee series, I’ve managed to cut my banking fee by 50% and more.

I was doing every transaction with National bank of Canada since I was a kid and I was paying a monthly fee of 6.25$. But since the last increase of fee in May from 6.25$ to 8.25$ , I’ve chosen to do most of my transaction with Tangerine. Tangerine are offering unlimited free transaction and is owned by Scotia Bank. By doing this, I downgrade my fee to the 3.25$ package at NBC and this will save me 5$ by month just by using Tangerine. This saving represents 60$ by year.

The only reason why I didn’t cut everything from NBC is they have more bank/ATM around me than Scotia bank. Also, I love the fact that I can go somewhere if I need something that I don’t really understand well to talk with them.

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Note:I will receive a bonus if you use my orange key, but I only recommend what I am really using.

My first day into Stock Market

A month ago I’ve chosen to open up an account with the low fee broker Questrade.

I’ve made an initial investment of 400.82$ on ETF as my first trade. I’ve bought 10 shares of VDY.TSX at 31.75$ and 4 shares of ZRE.TSX at 20.83. These two ETF are paying dividend monthly.

For the month of April, I’ve received a total of 0.97$ of dividend.

Last week, I’ve added 1 share of VDY at 31.19$ for a total of 11 VDY.

With these ETF, I am trying to build up an investment fund. In the future, I will use this fund  to buy  some stock company that will give me some dividend. I’m trying to go towards the dividend investment strategy to make my money work for me.

My strategy,  every buy I make in the future and why I’ve chosen these two ETF to start will be discuss in detail in the next couple weeks.

Saving money on my phone landline

Saving Money Phone Landline

Hello readers, with all these things moving in my life and the baby on his way, I’ve chosen to see where I can start to cut my recurring fees.

First thing I’ve chosen to look was my service provider bills. I’ve started with the telcom fee and more precisely my phone landline. Actualy, I’m paying 19.99$ monthly after rebates for a simple landline without any option and long distant call. Personaly I am not using this phone since I’ve unlimited local voice call on my cell phone, but my wife use it almost every day.

I’ve looked for some alternative and I’ve stopped my choice to voice over ip. I’ve chosen the company since they are in Canada and have some low price for incoming and outgoing calls and have mostly all the possible option for free. The monthly fee will depend on our usage, but we will pay monthly 0.90$ for the phone number and 1.50$ for the e911. With that,I will transfer my current phone number for a one-time fee of 10$ and I’ve bought a Grandstream ht701 Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to use our current phone for 42$ on amazon. So the setup fee will be 52$.

I think I will save around 15$ a month using this solution. With the setup fee, I will be saving money in a little more than 3 months.

I don’t know where else I will cuts some fee, but after that, I will keep trying to find some way to pay less on my recurring fee.

Update on goals

Almost 6 months since my last post so it’s the time to update the goal I’ve made.

Update on the last goal 

  • Goal 1 : Get 2000$ ahead to cover the expense of next month On its way

I am now at around 1000$ to cover next month expense.

  • Goal 2 : Add 100$ month in my RSSP On hold

I’ve added more than 400$ between December and February. This money will be used for the first buyer home plan. Since I’m looking to use the money in the near future, I’ve choosed to put the money for a house in a TSFA account. This goal will be put on hold for the moment and this money will go towards the goal 7.

  • Goal 3 : Add 100$ month in my Emergency Funds Failed

I’ve not added any money towards this goal since the goal 1 will be a little emergency funds of one month.

  • Goal 4 : Get a new tablet Failed and cancelled

This goal will not be completed.

  • Goal 5 : Keep this blog updated Failed

I’ve failed to update this blog regularly since i’ve had too much stuff moving in my life. So for the next 3 to 6 months I will try to update it regularly.

  • Goal 6 : Trade cryptocurency. (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin …) Success

I’ve traded some cryptocurency and almost double the amount I have. I have used the around 1/3 of it to buy GTA V.


New goals

Now it’s time to setup some new goals for the next months.

  • Goal 7: Add or speed 100$ biweekly for the incoming baby.

I’ve got some great news last month … I am waiting a baby. So I need to buy a lot of stuff for this baby.

  • Goal 8 : Make at least one trade in Questrade by trimester

This goal is set to avoid the inactivity fee of 25$ when the balance is less than 5000$.


I will keep you updated more regularly this time.