This is a little off topic from the financial subject but I’ve realize that I doesn’t seems to have any interest in any hobby.

I know that I need to do something unrelated to my job which is computer tech but nothing seems to appeal me. I have tried to start working with arduino to make some electronic and after a month, i’ve stopped. I have look into coin collecting and silver collecting. It’s seems fun for a week or two but I think I will be bored after that. I have searched on reddit some hobby and nothing seems to fit to me. I don’t have any real hobby and I doesn’t seem to really relax between my job shift. I need to find something new to do so I am now hunting for a hobby

Do you have some hobby ?

Month in review – June 2015

Hello readers, this is my first month review. I’ve choosed to review everything that have a record date in June.
Dividends from ETF Holdings:
  • VDY will pay 0.078888$ per share on the 03 July 2015. I will receive 0.87 $ from VDY.
  • ZRE will pay 0.088$ per share on the 07 July 2015. I will receive 0.44$ from ZRE.
So I should receive around 1.31$ of dividend for the month of May 2015

Update on goal

  • Goal 1 : Get 2000$ ahead to cover the expense of next month On its way

I am now at around 1500$ to cover next month expense. It’s 500$ more than the last update.

  • Goal 2 : Add 100$ month in my RSSP On hold

No modification since the last update. This goal will be put on hold for the moment and this money will go towards the goal 7.

  • Goal 3 : Add 100$ month in my Emergency Funds Failed

I’ve added 20$ in the funds.

  • Goal 4 : Get a new tablet Failed and cancelled

This goal will not be completed.

  • Goal 5 : Keep this blog updated  Success

I’ve made some blog post in the last couple weeks.

  • Goal 6 : Trade cryptocurency. (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin …)  Failed

I’ve not traded any cryptocurrency.

  • Goal 7: Add or speed 100$ biweekly for the incoming baby.  Success

I’ve put 325$ in the last month for the baby. On this I’ve spend 153$ to buy things we need for him or her.

  • Goal 8 : Make at least one trade in Questrade by trimester – Success

I’ve made a trade in June.


This month I’ve choose not to add any new goal.