Hello everyone, Sorry for not updating this blog in the last couple months, but between the job, the new kid, the house, the wife, I missed time to write something.

So this month, I’ve started a business and registered it as a sole proprietor. This is my first registered business. The main goal of the business is to sell electronic parts only. In the next post I’m gonna talk about this business.

On the monetary side, I’ve not invested a lot more in the ETF. I’ve put some money in the business instead of the saving account.

Since the last update, I’ve got a salary drop since I started to pay my insurance at my job.

Goal updates :
  • Goal 1 : Get 2000$ ahead to cover the expense of next month On its way

I am now at around 500$ to cover next month expense. It’s 500$ less than the last update.

  • Goal 2 : Add 100$ month in my RSSP On hold

No modification since the last update. This goal will be put on hold for the moment and but this year I need to put some in the RSSP.

  • Goal 3 : Add 100$ month in my Emergency Funds Failed

I’ve added 20$ in the funds since the last update.

  • Goal 4 : Get a new tablet Failed and cancelled

This goal will not be completed.

  • Goal 5 : Keep this blog updated  Failed

I didn’t had time to update the blog

  • Goal 6 : Trade cryptocurency. (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin …)  Failed

I’ve not traded any cryptocurrency.

  • Goal 7: Add or speed 100$ biweekly for the incoming baby.  Success and Cancelled

I’ve put money every two week for the baby that is now born since last month

  • Goal 8 : Make at least one trade in Questrade by trimester – Success

I’ve made a trade in February

New goal :
  • Goal 9 : Get a new inventory for the business.