Net Worth Nov 2016 Update : $13,221.39 (-$370.04 -2.72%)

Assets Jul-16 Nov-16 Monthly Change
Checking $1,033.58 $185.62 -82.04%
Saving $653.58 $943.55 44.37%
TSFA Investment $1,280.99 $503.28 -60.71%
RRSP Investment $0.00 $0.00 0.00%
House $215,000.00 $215,000.00 0.00%
Car $17,000.00 $15,000.00 -11.76%
Mortgage $205,866.04 $203,839.93 -0.98%
Car loan at 0% $13,643.26 $12,328.66 -9.64%
Credit Card $1,867.42 $2,242.47 20.08%
NETWORTH $13,591.43 $13,221.39 -2.72%

First I will have to say that I am sorry for being away from the blog in the last couple months. Life with a baby and all our project were a little bit overwhelming.

I invested a lot of time in a side buisiness website that doesn’t seems to start selling. I can do a nice profit on the stock I’m selling but it’s maybe a too small niche.

For my net worth, as you can see I’ve lost money in the last couple months. My wife was at 50% of her salary since it’s the end of her parental leave and we had to invest some money on the house.

This is a quick update on my net worth and I will try to keep you updated more often. Next update gonna be my portfolio.