Goals for 2017

Goals 2017First post of this new year so happy New Year everybody. To start the New Year, it’s time to set some goals that can be measurable and are not out of my hand. Last year, I had some goals that weren’t measurable and some were too big to keep me motivate to reach them.

1. Trip to Disneyworld

We are going to Disneyworld this year. We have budgeted some money for that since last year and we already bought our ticket for the park. We took the 25% rebate for Canadian customer. So now we are looking for flight and a hotel on Disney site. If anybody have any tip on saving on flight, I will take it.

2. Budget all my money

I need to stick budgeting with YNAB. Since I have my kid, I was tracking my expense but not budgeting any of my money I had. Now my budget is up to date, so it will be easier to give a job to my money every week than trying to do it every month with a not up to date budget.

3. Make monthly net worth post

I will start again to update my net worth monthly since it motivating to see it grow by month. I’ve made sporadic post about it last year but 2017 will be different with a monthly post the first day of every month. In that way, I can keep a history from where I started.

4. Write a minimum of one article by month

I will try to write at least a post every month about personal finance or my life in general, so that the blog will have more activity in 2017. To make it happen, I will make time in my schedule to write some articles and I will use the schedule function of WordPress to publish them. In this way, I could write all my post in a month and have my 12 month post scheduled, so I will not have to worry if I can’t write for a month.

5. Buy a 2 in 1 laptop

I am looking to buy a little 2 in 1 laptop like the Asus transformer or HP 2 in 1 at low cost since it will be used for writing post and surf the web when I don’t want to go to my full pc in my office in the basement. With a baby of 13 months, it’s easier to get something portable and small to be use when I have couples minutes.

6. Saving 5% of my paycheck

I am looking to start again saving for investment so this goal it’s a small percentage but it possible to make it happen every paycheck. That’s going to be around 25$ weekly. Once this goal is reach, it will be easier to grow that amount in the future than starting from 0%.

Readers: Have you set your 2017 goal? If yes what are they?