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How to start earning money with a blog

Start Earning money with a blogIt’s easy to start earning money with a blog, but it require a lot of work. If you think you can’t write something that will interest some others, YOU ARE WRONG. Everybody have something to share, it can be an experience or knowledge on a specific subject. It can be about Finance, Trading, Parenting, a hobby, technology … Think about all the subject you can talk in a conversation with someone  and you can write about the same subject in a blog.

1. Start hosting a blog

The first step to start earning some money with a blog is to start one. To start a new blog, I recommend that you read my tutorial on how to host your own blog on shared hosting. It’s the easiest and the fastest way to start one without having any knowledge on server and computer. Also, if you ever need help you can always try to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

2. Write article and schedule them

To make money with a blog you need some readers and to get readers the first step after hosting your blog is to write multiple articles on a subject. I recommend that you write a couple articles and post them to make a base for your blog and schedule couple one on a regular base to keep getting new readers and old one back.

3. Adsense

An easy way to make money with a blog is to put some ads on it. You can use Adsense,, AdThrive and all the others. There’s a lot of ads company out there for you to try. With ads network, they pay you for the click and the impression of the ads.  Adsense is one of the more common and you can easily put it on WordPress with the official plugin. It’s visual and you don’t need to code anything with that plugin.

Also make sure to have some content on your blog before applying to a ads network. You could be refused if you don’t have content since they can’t really show ads on a no content blog.

4. Affiliate

Affiliate is an other way to make some money. A company pays you for the sign-up or if they sell something throw a specific link you have to share with your user. These companies could be bluehost, Amazon, Ebate, GreatCanadianRebate and more. You can also ask your favorite company if they have one because you would like to talk about them on your blog. The worst answer you can get is No so you have nothing to lose to ask for an affiliate program.

I recommend that you install the plugin pretty link to show link like instead of

5. Traffic

More traffic you have on your site the more money you will make. To get some traffic I recommend that you post your link on some social media like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. These are going to really help you to push your content everywhere. Don’t just publish your link, but interact with your followers and other bloggers. That will bring you traffic and  more followers.

Some tools that can help you with social media :
For Pinterest, you can schedule your pin with Tailwind and Boardbooster to loop your pin.
For twitter, I am using tweetdeck to interact with my feed.

So like you read, it’s easy to start earning money with a blog. You just need to be motivate.

Readers : Have I missed something ?

Warning : Links in this post can be reference link so I get something in return when you are using it.

Dividends Review – May 2016

DividendsHello readers, this is my dividends review for may 2016.  Next month, I should get an higher amount of dividends since I’ve invest in some new dividends stock.
Dividends from ETF Holdings:
  • ZRE have pay 0.088$ per share on  may 5th 2016. I received 0.70$ from ZRE.
  • VDY have pay 0.073589 per share on may 6th 2016. I received the. 1.18$ from VDY.
  • DRG.UN have pay 0.06667 per share on may 15th 2016. I received the. 1.73$ from DRG.UN
So I’ve receive 3.61$ of dividends in may 2016
Readers: how was your dividends last month ?

Weekend Reading : Focus, Dividend Growth, Canadian Restaurants Dividends


Welcome to my first weekend reading edition from The Financial Tech.

Here’s my favorite articles from the last week :

Are you focusing on the wrong things by Tawcan

Dividend Growth and the Environment by GoGoAssets

Dividends in Hand wrote about Ten Canadian Restaurants With Growing Dividends

This week I posted two articles on how to host your own blog. Here’s the technical solution and here’s the easy solution.

Have a nice weekend !


This is a little off topic from the financial subject but I’ve realize that I doesn’t seems to have any interest in any hobby.

I know that I need to do something unrelated to my job which is computer tech but nothing seems to appeal me. I have tried to start working with arduino to make some electronic and after a month, i’ve stopped. I have look into coin collecting and silver collecting. It’s seems fun for a week or two but I think I will be bored after that. I have searched on reddit some hobby and nothing seems to fit to me. I don’t have any real hobby and I doesn’t seem to really relax between my job shift. I need to find something new to do so I am now hunting for a hobby

Do you have some hobby ?

Month in review – May 2015

Hello readers, this is my first month review. I’ve choosed to review everything that have a record date in May.
Dividends from ETF Holdings:
  • VDY will pay 0.13687$ per share on the 03 June 2015. I will receive 1.50557$ from VDY.
  • ZRE will pay 0.088$ per share on the 04 June 2015. I will receive 0.352$ from ZRE.
So I should receive around 1.86$ of dividend for the month of May 2015