My February 2017 Blog Report

This blog report contain all the info of my February month

This is a new thing for me, I’m now doing a monthly blog report. I will report some of my statistics and if it happens the money I’ve made from the blog. I think transparency is a cool thing to have forward my readers. This way other bloggers can learn more about what worked for me.



Here’s is the important part of this report the numbers. Next month you will get if the number increased or decreased.

Page Views:


This month was one of the best months since I’ve started my blog. I started to be active at the end of January so I find this number amazing. I would like to get 1000 views next month.


Referral :


I’m happy with this number since I’ve been included in a Weekend Reading edition from a blogger that I read and respect.

Direct :




3 came from Pinterest

129 from twitter

1 from facebook

I’m pretty happy with these number since I have used a lot twitter last month and just started using Pinterest in the last days of the months.

Twitter Followers:


Last month, I’ve spent a lot of time on twitter. I was tweeting with other blogger and I’ve also setup buffer to schedule some of my tweets. I gain about 1 to 2 new follower every day.

Pinterest Followers: 


This month I’ve started to use Pinterest after reading that some blogger gets most of their traffic from it.

Money made: I’ve made a 0.18$ from the AdSense advertising. It small but I guess it’s a start. On the long term, I would like to optimize and make a little bit more money to at least cover my hosting fee.

Most popular post:
The most popular post I’ve got is the Some of my thoughts about budgeting! post. This post got 67 views and was followed by the Weekend reading – Drip, Missteps, Continuous investment, Snowball with 58 views. This Weekend reading edition got couples retweet that helped to get more views.

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3 thoughts on “My February 2017 Blog Report”

  1. Nice results. I haven’t cracked Pinterest yet, but I do get a lot of referrals from Twitter and more from Facebook. There are few groups I post my articles to that have yielded good traffic from FB. Ping my on my site at the contact me section and I’ll email you links to these groups. Best of luck hitting your goal for March.

    1. I should maybe try Facebook too, I guess I could get something from it. The only problem I have with Pinterest is that I don’t really get any traffic from it.

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