My March 2017 Blog Report

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You want to see some blogger stats ? Come here now and see what are my stats and income for March 2017

This is my second month of blog report. It was a great month and it growth from february. I’ve got couple of weekend reading edition that got shared a lot.



Here’s is the important part of this report the numbers. Next month you will get if the number increased or decreased.

Page Views:

773 (+58)

This month was one of the best months since I’ve started my blog. I had a 1000 views goal for this month and I’ve failed to get it. So, I would like to get 1000 views next month.


Referral :


I’ve not got a lot of referral this month. I’ve commented less this month on other blog, so it seems to be related.

Direct :


This amount deceive me a little bit since the direct are who are coming back directly to read my blog.



27 (+24) came from Pinterest

294 (+165) from twitter

2 (+1) from facebook

I’m pretty happy with these number since I have used a lot more twitter and Pinterest. I’ve started using BoardBoaster with my Pinterest and it seems to work a lot. I’ve also posted a lot more on twitter and it really helped a lot.

Twitter Followers:

442 (+116)

Last month, I’ve spent a lot of time on twitter. I was tweeting with other blogger and I’ve also setup buffer to schedule some of my tweets. I’ve working a lot to make it growth but I’ve not set any particular strategy for it.

Pinterest Followers: 

140 (+97)

Since last month, I’ve pinned a lot of new Pin and started using a strategy to make my account growth and getting some traffic from Pinterest. I hope it will grow more and more. Next month, I will add some Pinterest image to old post and try to share more on Group Board.

Money made: I’ve made a $0.44 from the AdSense advertising. It small but it’s $0.26 more than February.  On the long term, I am planning to add some affiliate revenue on the blog for the thing I use. I would never recommend something that I would not use or recommend to my friends and family. I’ve bought the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and  I plan to use all my learning on this blog.

Most popular post:
The most popular post I’ve got is the How I plan for financial independence! post. This post got 124 views and Weekend Reading – Build Dividend Portfolio, $50 Day Strategy, Monthly Report was followed by the with 104 views. This Weekend reading edition got couples retweet that helped to get more views. Thanks to everyone who shared my post last month !

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5 thoughts on “My March 2017 Blog Report”

    1. I love seeing other blogger’s numbers so why not sharing mine. Also I think it’s fun that I am not making thousand and still show my numbers.

  1. Great to see someone else starting out and tracking their numbers!
    Nice job on the blog growth. Just don’t forget blogging is a marathon not a sprint so don’t get too discouraged if each month numbers don’t grow exponentially. Any growth is awesome!
    I’m heavily working on twitter and Pinterest as well and have seen great numbers with them. Although I still can’t seem to make any money from Adsense 🙂 you have made more with it than I have.

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