Net Worth March 2017 Update : $15,607.85 (+$1,425.775 +10.05%)

This is my net worth update for March 2017

Assets Feb-17 Mar-17 Monthly Change
Checking $1,500.59 $1,621.78 8.08%
Saving $8.35 $2,908.35 34730.54%
TSFA Investment $637.90 $911.03 42.82%
RRSP Investment $0.00 $0.00 0.00%
House $215,000.00 $215,000.00 0.00%
Car $12,547.00 $12,113.00 -3.46%
Mortgage $202,308.25 $201,795.37 -0.25%
Car loan at 0% $11,342.71 $11,014.06 -2.90%
Credit Card $1,860.80 $4,136.88 122.32%
NETWORTH $14,182.08 $15,607.85 10.05%

Again another net worth update. This month it’s a good one, it’s in the positive. In February, we had a bad month with all the tax and another annual bill, but this month it was a normal month.

I’ve saved way more than last month in my TSFA. The saving account is higher because my wife transferred me some money to pay for our Disney trip and I only have to pay the trip in August.


This month was short and I’ve got 5 pay and I’ve also taken two sick days which were paid full last January.  These days were for me this time since I was too sick to get out of bed. I’ve got 4084.12$ in income last month. This includes my tax return for 2016.


Last month, I’ve spent 2838.04 which is an incredible low spending month. It was a slow month since we didn’t have any annual bill to pay in that month. My average is around $3200.


This month I’ve saved some money to my investment account. I’ve saved a total of 340$. I’ve saved 8% of my income which is more than my goal of 5%. Let see if next month will be around that.

Readers: How was your February month?

4 thoughts on “Net Worth March 2017 Update : $15,607.85 (+$1,425.775 +10.05%)”

    1. I’ve bought 2 plane tickets for my trip to disneyband september and got the deposit of disney on them

  1. Even if you had some high one-time expenses for disneyland you still managed to keep your expenses low, that’s a good job! I’m still having some trouble keeping our expenses low, it seems like it’s sometimes kind of *out of control* even with proper planning..

    1. Yeah, some month it goes all the other way. The money seems to go out everywhere even if that money was planned. Some expense can’t be delayed.

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