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How to overcome the blank page syndrome

How to overcome the Blank Page Syndrome

Have you ever wanted to write something and just fixed at a blank page? If yes, you are not alone. A lot of part-time writers will have one day or another the blank page syndrome. I will share with you some of my tricks to overcome this problem when you need to write something at that moment.


Every Time you think you should write an article about something, write it in a book or in the note of your phone. This could give you some starting idea without having to think when you will have the time to write.


Brainstorm on the idea you want to write about and make a tree of what you could write related to this first big idea. The brainstorm step can also give you multiple subject to write about. That way, you can get a series of blog post about something.

Bullet point

One of my trick to overcome the blank page is to write on the blank page some subheading I want to write about in a bullet point style. After writing these, I start writing the text I want and keep developing it until I am happy with what I want. This way, I am not staring at a blank page stressing that I have to write something and I actually start writing the post.


The more you write the more it will be easy. Take some time every day to write and it will start to be natural to write some long post. The first couples article will be hard but after that, it will be easier with practice. It’s like a baby that learn how to walk. The first couple steps are not easy but a week later he walks everywhere and runs.


This is how I write my post. I make multiple iterations of a post. This allows me to write when I have something to say and this allows me to get away from the post to get my head some rest. When I come back to the post, I can write a lot more about the subject than the first iteration. Some of my writing can go through 5 to 10 iteration before I have complete it.


One thing that helps me to write faster and to stop staring at a blank page is to set a deadline for the article. I start it in WordPress and schedule a date for the post. In that way, I am feeling that I need to write and edit the article before that date. You should not put a date too soon but don’t put it too late. Also, write this date, if you don’t write it, you are more inclined to change it at your will when you are the night before. It’s less easy to change something you have wrote somewhere. You will think twice and feel cheap to change it.


Nobody has the same trick to write but I think these are some that could be useful to anyone who wants to write a blog and can’t find subject to write on it. These tips could solve some of the blank page syndromes that you could have while writing a new article. I’ve used them on this blog and at school when I needed to write some essay.

Readers: What are your tips to overcome the blank page syndrome?


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