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My March 2017 Blog Report

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used

You want to see some blogger stats ? Come here now and see what are my stats and income for March 2017

This is my second month of blog report. It was a great month and it growth from february. I’ve got couple of weekend reading edition that got shared a lot.



Here’s is the important part of this report the numbers. Next month you will get if the number increased or decreased.

Page Views:

773 (+58)

This month was one of the best months since I’ve started my blog. I had a 1000 views goal for this month and I’ve failed to get it. So, I would like to get 1000 views next month.


Referral :


I’ve not got a lot of referral this month. I’ve commented less this month on other blog, so it seems to be related.

Direct :


This amount deceive me a little bit since the direct are who are coming back directly to read my blog.



27 (+24) came from Pinterest

294 (+165) from twitter

2 (+1) from facebook

I’m pretty happy with these number since I have used a lot more twitter and Pinterest. I’ve started using BoardBoaster with my Pinterest and it seems to work a lot. I’ve also posted a lot more on twitter and it really helped a lot.

Twitter Followers:

442 (+116)

Last month, I’ve spent a lot of time on twitter. I was tweeting with other blogger and I’ve also setup buffer to schedule some of my tweets. I’ve working a lot to make it growth but I’ve not set any particular strategy for it.

Pinterest Followers: 

140 (+97)

Since last month, I’ve pinned a lot of new Pin and started using a strategy to make my account growth and getting some traffic from Pinterest. I hope it will grow more and more. Next month, I will add some Pinterest image to old post and try to share more on Group Board.

Money made: I’ve made a $0.44 from the AdSense advertising. It small but it’s $0.26 more than February.  On the long term, I am planning to add some affiliate revenue on the blog for the thing I use. I would never recommend something that I would not use or recommend to my friends and family. I’ve bought the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and  I plan to use all my learning on this blog.

Most popular post:
The most popular post I’ve got is the How I plan for financial independence! post. This post got 124 views and Weekend Reading – Build Dividend Portfolio, $50 Day Strategy, Monthly Report was followed by the with 104 views. This Weekend reading edition got couples retweet that helped to get more views. Thanks to everyone who shared my post last month !

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Some of my thoughts about budgeting!

Some of my thoughts about budgetingAre you budgeting ? Your budget is your eye on your finance. Budgeting help you to see where’s your money is coming from and where’s it’s going out. This should be your first step to see how your  personal finance are doing and the first step if you are trying to get back on the right track from spending too much. If you want to save more money it will help you to know where’s you are spending too much.

Budget like you want to do it

I think everyone should make a budget, but you should budget the way you like to do. There’s not only one way to do a budget. Some are budgeting for a month or year or some like me are budgeting only the money I have in my possession and wait until I receive more money to budget it. Find what method is the best for you. You can use a software, spreadsheet, web base budgeting tools, pen and paper. You can try multiple method and technique to find the one that you will stick with it for a long time no matter what others are saying. Personally, I am using YNAB and I love it, but the software is only for budgeting money you have so if it’s not your budget style don’t use it.

Budget are flexible

A budget is modifiable. Unlike a lot of persons think, a budget should always be modified to represent what you are doing. You’ve got more money ? You’ve got an unexpected expense ? Don’t panic and modify your budget to make it represent what you need to do with your money. In that way, you will have a true budget that represent your real situation and you will continue to budget since you will not feel under pressure from seeing a budget that’s not your reality.

You should budget your debt repayment first and your saving so in that way your debt get paid without being late and you pay yourself first as describe in this old post. This will save you some interest and late fee and your saving will growth before you have spent that money for fun or something you don’t need.

Analyze your old budget

Every couple months you should look back at your old budget and see if you can cut somewhere to save more. The budget will help you to see if you are spending too much on dining out or on some activity. This is your choice where you save money. If you find the amount reasonable and you couldn’t live without doing the activity just keep it and look somewhere else to cut. This way you will keep having fun and keep using the budget without saying that it dictate your life too much.

Budgeting can be overwhelming

If you find budgeting is overwhelming, you can stop doing it for a little time and start back latter. I did that when my kid was born and I was feeling that I didn’t have time to budget my things, but I’ve found myself spending way too much on things that I didn’t need and stop I’ve stopped investing. Now, I came back to budgeting my money and I know that I will continue to do it since I saw what I did wrong when I didn’t budget like overspending.

Readers: are you budgeting ? If yes, what is your method to do it ? If not, why ?

Net Worth July 2016 Update : $13,591.43 (+$1,259.79 +10.22%)

Assets May-16 Jul-16 Monthly Change
Checking $1,571.08 $1,033.58 -34.21%
Saving $125.43 $653.58 421.07%
TSFA Investment $1,554.69 $1,280.99 -17.60%
RRSP Investment $0.00 $0.00 0.00%
House $215,000.00 $215,000.00 0.00%
Car $17,000.00 $17,000.00 0.00%
Mortgage $206,872.22 $205,866.04 -0.49%
Car loan at 0% $14,300.56 $13,643.26 -4.60%
Credit Card $1,746.78 $1,867.42 6.91%
NETWORTH $12,331.64 $13,591.43 10.22%

This net worth update is a two months update. Last month I didn’t had the time to write some post so it’s a nice grow from may. Next month should be a lower grow since it’s school and municipal tax month.


Readers : How is your net worth ?

Net Worth March Update : $11,937.01 (+31.19%)

Assets Feb-16 Mar-16 Monthly Change
Checking $538.00 $3,607.78 570.59%
Saving $2,233.00 $51.25 -97.70%
TSFA Investment $815.00 $980.57 20.32%
RRSP Investment $0.00 $0.00 0.00%
House $215,000.00 $215,000.00 0.00%
Car $17,000.00 $17,000.00 0.00%
Mortgage $208,372.00 $207,873.85 -0.24%
Car loan at 0% $15,615.00 $14,957.86 -4.21%
Credit Card $2,499.64 $1,870.88 -25.15%
NET WORTH $9,099.36 $11,937.01 31.19%

This is my second net worth post. The mortgage and the house is owned by me and my wife. The others entry are only my numbers and do not count my wife net worth.

This month was kind of rough in income since I’ve got 1 week of 0$ income and an other one that was cut by half. Luckily it was a 5 week month so it’s not that bad and I’ve got 1000$ from my parents to buy some stuff for the house.

I had to use my saving to pay all the bills. These saving were in a 0.8% register saving account so it’s not a big lost and I will make it again to the amount it was. The amount I didn’t used to pay my bills is in my checking account. Also, I’m trying to get one month of mortgage payment in my mortgage checking account. I consider this as money to be used if I can’t pay the mortgage for a month or if the money is not transfer fast enough between banks.

The TSFA investment account grow a lot this month since I added $150 in cash in it. Also, I’ve  started a little day to day trading in it to make it grow faster.

I also invested 286.11$ USD in my side hustle in the last week of the month to buy a new inventory. In the month of march, I’ve sold for 43.75$ of stuff. This is not my profit, but the revenue of the month. With this investment, I am looking to make the revenue of the side hustle around 100$ for the next month.

Readers : Did your net worth grow last month ?

Pay yourself first

You want to growth your saving fast ? You need to pay yourself first before paying others !Here’s my little experience on why you should pay yourself first. Couples months ago I thought I was paying myself first, but instead, I was budgeting everything at first and kept what left to add to my saving or investment account.

This is the wrong way to do it. With this method, I was over budgeting in a lot of fun category like dining out and was not limiting myself to only what I needed. After couples month, I finished with nothing left to save and I though that would be impossible to cut anything.

Pay yourself first

After seeing that, I started paying myself first and budgeting everything else with what I was left with. This way I lowered my dining out category and my fun money category. These categories became so big that I thought I had the minimum in it, but I had like three times what I really needed. This is one of the reasons why you should pay yourself first and budget after. If you budget before, you only keep growing your spending category and you will be left with nothing to save after couple. It’s easier to budget once the saving is done.

Start slowly

To start paying myself first, I started with a 10$ saving by week and now I am saving between 50$ to 100$ by week. I started with a small amount to be able to do it since I thought I couldn’t cut anything more. And every couple week, I put more than what I’ve put couple weeks ago and lowered my spending slowly. Going slow made myself be comfortable with the fact that I lower my spending and I didn’t really see the difference with the week before. In this way, I didn’t stop to save after a couples weeks like all my past years.

These are my trick I used to save more. Readers, are you paying yourself first?

Goal Update March

Hello everyone, this is my goal update of march.

This month is a good month for my goal.  I’ve only failed to get new inventory for my business since I had other thing to pay before investing more in this.  Also, I kept selling stuff on Ebay which gonna cover the inventory fee.

Goal updates :
  • Goal 1 : Get 2000$ ahead to cover the expense of next month On its way

I am now at around 300$ to cover next month expense. It’s 200$ less than the last update but I had some income trouble at the beginning of the month.

  • Goal 2 : Add 100$ month in my RSSP On hold

No modification since the last update. This goal will be put on hold for the moment and but this year I need to put some in the RSSP. Instead of adding money to my RSSP, I’ve added some to my TSFA account.

  • Goal 3 : Add 100$ month in my Emergency Funds Success

I’ve added 100$ to my mortgage checking account to have a month worth of payment in it. I’m considering this my emergency funds.

  • Goal 4 : Get a new tablet Failed and cancelled

This goal will not be completed.

  • Goal 5 : Keep this blog updated Success

I posted regularly in march

  • Goal 6 : Trade cryptocurency. (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin …) On it’s way

I’ve traded some cryptocurency.

  • Goal 7: Add or speed 100$ biweekly for the incoming baby.   Cancelled
  • Goal 8 : Make at least one trade in Questrade by trimester – Success

I’ve made a trade in March

  • Goal 9 : Get a new inventory for the business. – Failed

I’ve not bought anything since I had some income problem at the beginning of the month.

Some way to save money

Since the last 2 years I’ve started to search some way to save money while buying the regular stuff I need. I found some site to save money and some apps to save even more.  These apps saved me more than 300$ in one years in cash-back. Some are paying in check and others in paypal or gift card.

First of all here the website I use to save money:

  • greatcanadianrebates : This is the one I use the must while shopping online on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and more. I am saving some % on these website while I purchase stuff I need like electronics, baby things, gift and more.
  • Ebates Canada : This one works the same way as greatcanadianrebates but have some different % back. So Before buying something I look these 2 sites and I use the one that give back more.

Here’s the apps I use on my android phone to save money :

  • Checkout 51 : With this app you take a picture of your receipt and choose what you bought on what Checkout 51 offer. With this app, I saved 91$ in one year. You can redeem a check at 20$ or more.
  • Zweet : This work the same way as Checkout 51 but the cash back is lower. In a year I made 18$. It’s not a lot but it take a minute to do it and you can redeem the same receipt on the two apps.

Are you using some apps or website that make you save money ?

P.S.: Keep in mind that some of these links are referral link that get me some cash back. I will never recommend something that I don’t use so it’s your choice if you want to use my referral link or not.

Net Worth February Update : 9,099.36

Assets Feb-16
Checking $538.00
Saving $2,233.00
TSFA Investment $815.00
RRSP Investment $0.00
House $215,000.00
Car $17,000.00
Mortgage $208,372.00
Car loan at 0% $15,615.00
Credit Card $2,499.64
NET WORTH $9,099.36

This is my first net worth post. The mortgage and the house is owned by me and my wife. The others entry are only my number and do not count my wife.

The TSFA and RRSP are at Questrade and are invested in some ETF. I am trying to follow the couch potato method.

All my credit card are paid in full every month so I don’t get charge any interest. Also this was not the best month to start looking for my net worth since I was in paternity leave for almost 2 month and only starting to get my job pay in march.

Every month, I will post my net worth to see if it going up or down. At this amount, it should go up every month. My goal are to put more investment and start contributing to my RRSP account.

Also, I will try the website Networkshare to get a graphic of my net worth for the next month.


Readers : How are you tracking your net worth ?