Weekend Reading – Power of Compound, Buying a House, Snowball

The best articles I've seen this week.Finally, it’s the weekend reading edition for the third weekend of march.

Last week, I didn’t do an edition of the weekend reading post since I was too sick to read the week post. This week I’ve posted one article about how to make an investment policy.

Finance for geek has explained why you should Never Underestimate The Power of Compound Interest.

Desirae from halfbanked explains five things to do before buying a house. If you are buying your 1st house, I recommend that you go read it.

Cody from Dollar Habits wrote a guest post on thinksaveretire talking about his fear to work ’til retirement.

I’ve seen a new personal finance blog this week and it’s Matt blog Lacking Cent.

Chief mom posted two great posts this week. One is about to snowball your way to millions with the latte factor and how to use your bonus to arise to break the golden handcuffs.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Readers: Have I missed a great article this week?

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