Weekend Reading – RRSP, Slowing Erning Growth, $2000 emergency, budget, not a box!

The best articles I've seen this week.Another weekend is about to start so here’s the weekend reading edition of the last week of march.

This week, I’ve have not the time to write a post since my kid was sick and didn’t slept well all the week, but here’s the last week post How I plan for financial independence!

MyOwnAdvisor asked himself if you can have too much money in your RRSP?

Dividend Growth Investor explains what to do about slowing earnings growth.

Budget are Sexy wrote about if you could pay a $2000 emergency.

Desirae of Half Banked teaches you how to handle going way over budget.

Chief Mom Officer talks about Frugal Fun With “Not A Box” – And Other Fun Objects.

So that’s it for this week, see you in April.

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